Extension! Deadline for Doctoral Symposium abstracts-February 25th


Markets, its technologies & competitors will constantly improve and develop, making it challenging for single organisations to keep up. Organisations are facing this challenge by forcing themselves to be more flexible and innovative anytime anywhere. Having innovative and flexible internal structures and interacting closely externally is a major step to being competitive. Interoperable solutions are needed for enterprises to fulfil their goals.The concept of “interoperability” has been defined by INTEROP-VLab as “The ability of an enterprise system or application to interact with others at a low cost in a flexible approach”. Consequently, interoperability of organizations appears as a major issue in successfully building on-the-fly emerging enterprise networks. In the future it will be more important because interoperability will be the key when smart services inside organizations and autonomic factories have to cooperate. This will have an enormous impact upon the business and requires further business models for modelling, testing, executing and managing of smart service infrastructures.



The I-ESA conference connects the world's leading researchers and practitioners of enterprise interoperability and related domains, including interoperability aspects of enterprise systems and application. It joins new business models, smart services, IoT and Cloud technologies. All these current and future technologies cannot work smoothly without interoperability. I-ESA will be an outstanding opportunity to exchange experiences and business ideas between researchers, service providers, entrepreneurs and industrial stakeholders.I-ESA IX is a forum where industry and research worlds meet and share experience, ideas and challenges on all aspects of enterprise systems interoperability and builds upon the eight previous conferences.